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English Corner

Our website contains mainly German language information. Unfortunately, the resources of the Brandenburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Access to Information do not allow us to translate it completely into English. In the following, we introduce ourselves briefly and refer you to relevant English language information on data protection and freedom of information. Should you have any questions, comments or complaints, you can of course contact us in English. Please use the options provided under "Kontakt". In this case, please note our information on how we process personal data as part of our supervisory activities as well as other notices.

Who we are

The Brandenburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Access to Information monitors compliance with data protection regulations and the Act on the Inspection of Files and Access to Information. She investigates complaints logded by data subjects or applicants and advises data processors as well as public bodies in Brandenburg obliged to provide information.

Support for citizens

Anyone who assumes that public bodies or companies in Brandenburg are not handling their own personal data correctly can contact the Brandenburg Commissioner at any time. Brandenburg citizens can also complain to her about data protection violations in another member state of the European Union. In addition, she is committed to safeguarding the basic right to inspect files and of access to information. This support is free of charge.

Advice for public bodies and businesses

In order to ensure data protection from the outset, the Brandenburg Commissioner advises the state government, state authorities, municipalities and associations of municipalities as well as companies based in Brandenburg on the handling of personal data. We also advise public bodies on the implementation of the Act on Access to Files and Information. The scope of our consulting activities is subject to the limited capacities of our office.

Monitoring of projects and proposed legislation

The Brandenburg Commissioner issues statements on draft laws, regulations and administrative provisions concerning data protection or access to information in order to be able to voice her concerns at an early stage. If the Landtag (Parliament) or the Land government commissions her to do so, she prepares expert opinions and conducts investigations. The Brandenburg Commissioner can also contact the Landtag at any time and is available to answer questions from Members of Parliament. She also accompanies the introduction of extensive technological procedures in the state and local administration and monitors the development of information and communication technology and its effects on the processing of personal data.

Supervisory Authority for Data Protection and Access to Information

The Brandenburg Commissioner controls public Brandenburg bodies and companies based in the Land of Brandenburg in the field of data processing. For inspection purposes, its employees have unhindered access to the responsible bodies. They are obliged to answer questions by the Brandenburg Commissioners and, if milder means do not remedy the situation, to follow instructions to remedy deficiencies. In its function as supervisory authority for data processing by non-public bodies, the Brandenburg Commissioner is also responsible for prosecuting regulatory offences in the field of data protection. She submits an annual report on her activities to the Landtag (Parliament), the Land government and the public. In relation to public bodies in the Land of Brandenburg, the Brandenburg Commissioner also monitors the implementation of the Act on the Inspection of Files and Access to Information. If she discovers violations of this law, she lodges a complaint to the responsible bodies.

Cooperation with other supervisory authorities

The Brandenburg Commissioner cooperates with national and international authorities responsible for data protection and access to information. In the field of data protection, the Conference of Independent German Federal and State Data Protection Supervisory Authorities (Datenschutzkonferenz) and the European Data Protection Board are in the centre of attention. The Brandenburg Commissioner is involved in EU-wide cooperation procedures between the data protection supervisory authorities of the Member States in cases of cross-border data processing. In the field of access to information, her cooperation with other supervisory authorities focuses on the Conference of Freedom of Information Commissioners in Germany.

Relevant laws on data protection

Relevant laws on freedom of information

The following websites offer information about data protection and access to information in English: